Extra Information


Children are not permitted to wait outside. Please collect your child from inside the studio.  


Examinations are a valuable tool to improve confidence and self-esteem by recognising their hard work.  All students in Jazz Addicts, LaBeaute Ballet and Uban Ignition, must be entered in exams. Students Exams are held in August 2021. 


Te Puke Dance Studio will work towards an annual dance showcase after exams are complete. This will be held in late November or early December of each year.  Shows will be held in Te Puke at litt Park Theatre. We will be supporting our local community. We want to make this accessible and affordable for families and community members to attend. During the day, the performance will be so families with little ones can be part of the full performance. Showcase helpers are always needed If you are talented with lighting, hair, make-up, photography, sound etc., please contact us if you are willing to help. 


All classes need to start on time to ensure you get the most of your class; please arrive early to get ready before class starts. This is especially important for all Pre School classes. Arriving early allows the student to be ready and settled before they enter class. 



Students can take water bottles into class, especially during the summer period. Please make sure that the bottles are clearly labelled. Any forgotten drink bottles will be placed in the bucket. Please consider reusable non-plastic bottles. 


Enrolment continues from enrollment (payment of enrolment fee) for the full academic (calendar) year. You do not need to re-enrol each term. If you wish to cancel your enrolment, you must do so in writing or email. 


Private lessons are available to any student who may want one on one time with any syllabus.  60 minutes or 45 minutes can be booked. Booking in advance is essential as these will fill quickly, especially before exams. 


Students under 5yrs can wear any appropriate dancewear plus the correct shoes for their syllabus.  

Please refer to our Uniform information.